Smartwatch – The New Smartphone?

History repeats itself with every new gadget that comes onto the market: What does a smartwatch have that my smartphone doesn’t have? As with smartphones and tablets, success depends on the use – i.e. also the apps and features used.

Person taps smartwatch on wrist

We all know and already enjoy the benefits of a smartphone in our daily routine. There are numerous apps for managing our calendar, instant messaging, fitness exercises, and much more. 

Everything the smartphone can do with the smartwatch – but it can do a lot more! You can find out which additional functions the Smartwatch has in the following text.

One advantage is that you can check the weather in seconds or answer WhatsApp messages while you jog, go for a walk, shop or work. The fast management of applications in any situation and that without having to take your smartphone out of your pocket. So far, so good, but …

How far can you get with the smartwatch?

Car connection

Smart technology has been around for a long time in the auto industry. Examples are Siri or Google Now, CarPlay, and Android Auto. In addition, there are companies like BMW with BMW i Remote apps for smartwatches that are able to control the temperature, check the battery status or the vehicle’s engine. Ford and Nissan think of all those who like to forget or lose their car keys so that the car can be opened with the help of the smartwatch.

Other companies such as Samsung and Audi go one step further and offer more than “nice additional functions” – for the benefit of prevention and the health of the driver. These companies or their autopilots (e.g. the Audi Fit Driver) allow the vehicle to record vital parameters such as heart rate with the help of sensor data in order to take over control in the event of falling asleep at the wheel or a very high pulse.

Smartwatch shows pulse


Home networking – the intelligent home

Our home – another main focus on which the development of smartwatches lies. Make sure you have an NFC lock and can open it with a simple movement of your wrist if you want to open the front door or apartment without a key. If you want to see the premises of your home on your smartwatch, for example to prevent theft or to keep an eye on your lively toddler at all times, apps such as B. the SmartWatch WebCam Viewer, which allow you to connect your device to webcams.

Health tracking apps

As much as we may be used to our smartphones when exercising, the smartwatch is the device par excellence for optimally recording health. Due to the permanent connection with the body, the vital parameters can be recorded and conclusions can be drawn about physical performance, length or quality of our sleep, and even stress levels.

The detection of risks and anomalies of the vital parameters and the associated location of the person via geodata will very soon be a reality for medical research, any bet! Initial studies in this direction are already available in collaboration with the Apple Health Kit app.

Smartwatches are only just getting started and if they now have a wealth of functionalities to support us more in everyday life or to record our physical activities, they will soon be an excellent ally in managing our health.

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