Review of the Pebble Time Smartwatch: Salient Features, Pros and Cons

Pebble Time Smartwatch is Pebble’s second-generation smartwatch, following Pebble’s original Pebble watch.

Did you know? Pebble announced that it would release its first color e-paper smartwatch via Kickstarter funding starting on 27 February 2015; this was completed successfully within 17 minutes into the campaign, selling over 31 thousand watches available during this round of sales which ended 30 April 2015.


Pebble has improved on the design of the original while retaining its core functionality and adding new features.

Pebble Time includes a microphone for voice input and dictation, unlike its predecessor which only allowed users to use an app for typing messages.

The device also features a color e-paper display that provides enhanced contrast; this makes it easier to read in direct sunlight than previous models with less vibrant displays.

The Pebble Time smartwatch supports many of the same health and fitness features as the Apple Watch, and it promises to add more. These capabilities include a pedometer, activity monitoring, and sleep tracking with reporting choices of daily and weekly insights. However, it does not track heart rate.

Pebble time 3

The device is water-resistant and has a battery life of up to seven days. Pebble Time is compatible with both Android and iOS devices, but the Pebble Health app only works on Android at launch.

The Pebble Time comes in three colors: black, white, and red (a limited edition). It can be purchased through Amazon.

Pros: – Great battery life – Pebble’s fitness tracking app is better than most others in the market.

Cons: – Cannot be used for making payments like Apple Watch.

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