Is a smartwatch worthwhile for children?

Sooner or later, legal guardians are faced with the question of whether it is time to give the child a cell phone. In many cases, the transition from elementary school to high school is crucial to this entertainment. However, most parents feel uncomfortable giving a smartphone to a 10-year-old child. A smartwatch seems like a good compromise. But is it really worth buying?

Cost and offer

The market has a multitude of suitable solutions ready. Special smartwatches for children are easy to use, do not have to be linked to a phone, and are very cheap. For around 40 euros there are basic models that have all the important functions to offer. With a suitable mobile phone tariff, there is an additional 5 to 10 euros per month for the SIM card.

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Tip: A good smartwatch can also convince with long battery life. With normal use, the battery should last at least two days. These models are a bit more expensive and cost around 80 euros or more.

Features of a smartwatch for children

The features for the inexpensive versions are often very similar:

  • Take and make calls
  • GPS transmitter
  • Emergency button
  • Games
  • camera

Smartwatches for children can also be configured. There are apps that enable the clock to display the time only for certain time windows – for example during class times. Other models allow the programming of emergency numbers, which are automatically dialed at the push of a button. Some manufacturers also allow you to set a range of motion. As soon as the watch is located outside the radius, there is an alarm on the parents’ smartphone.

If desired, the GPS tracker can be switched on permanently in order to be able to locate the child’s location at any time. However, apps that run around the clock significantly increase battery consumption.

Smartwatch or smartphone?

Above all, many parents want the smartwatch to be able to contact their child at any time or to be able to locate their whereabouts. For the child, this means to be under constant observation. The benefit here lies primarily with the parents. Because even if the little games on the smartwatch and the camera function can be entertaining, very few 5-graders are enthusiastic about them.

A smartphone offers a multitude of additional apps and uses. However, safe handling of digital content is an important prerequisite here. If a smartphone is handed over to a child, the parents must therefore ensure that the topic has been adequately dealt with. In addition, there must be confident that the child will also take into account the rules that have been learned.

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A smartwatch is an alternative for young children who have not yet learned how to use a smartphone. It offers a quick and easy way of communication. When it is time to switch to a phone must be decided individually for each child. Experts assume that a smartphone can be used from around the age of 12.

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