Best Smartwatches for Texting On Android iPhone in 2022

We have bragged about our cell phones for a long time. One of the fantastic aspects cell phones showed us was the ability to send text messages to friends and family. The youth spends a reasonable amount of time texting their friends.

The increasing demand for portability and functionality resulted in an even smaller device such as the smartwatch. If you want to free yourself of the hassle of texting on a phone and love to access a wrist device for the purpose, you should follow this article.

Best Smartwatch For Texting

Smartwatches are perfect for texting, and they’re becoming more and more popular every year. In 2022 The best smartwatches for texting are the ones that offer the most features and the best user experience. We have compiled a list of the top picks, based on our research. Keep reading to find out which ones made the cut!

1. Apple Watch Series 5: Smartwatch You Can Text On iPhone 

Apple is famous for doing everything in the right way and that’s the reason Apple Watch Series 5 stands and delivers.

Apple Watch Series 5 is very often compared with the Apple Watch Series 3. However, the watch series 5 takes the lead with its improved screen size 30% greater than its predecessor.

The Watch boasts a large 1.78” screen size, ideal for texting. In addition, the large-sized screen along with cellular connectivity promotes its usage as a standalone watch.

Apple has ensured a crisp display that will lure your way into your hearts. Thanks to the AMOLED display, the screen is bright, and blacks are prominent.

If you are a frequent texter and love to use the smartwatch for this very purpose, a resolution of 448*368 pixels on the Retina display will make things smooth and clearer for you.

Most of the watches in the market provide the option of receiving texts and calls only. However, this particular gadgetry has all the ingredients to soar above the competitors. The Apple Watch Series 5 is a smartwatch you can text on iPhone.

Watch gives you different options to reply. For example, you can record a voice note that the Watch will convert into text, or you can send an appropriate emoji or GIF.

A small preset command can be delivered instantly, like “In a meeting, call you later.”

The noteworthy feature is Scribble. With this great feature, you draw an alphabet with your hand on the screen, and the Watch swiftly converts it into alphabets, thus making typing more comfortable.

The Apple Watch packs a whole world of goodies and gimmicks within it. It is Waterproof to 50m so if you are curious to receive your message alerts in the depths of the ocean, worry no more.

Heart rate sensor and female health monitors are also available. In addition, Apple Pay allows for mobile payment.

Key features

  • Large screen
  • Always-on AMOLED display
  • Text reply option
  • Health monitor and Fitness tracking
  • Cellular Connectivity (Model)


  • 1.78-inch large screen
  • AMOLED screen with Always-on
  • Voice-to-text feature
  • Scribble feature
  • Apple Pay


  • Pretty expensive Watch
  • Battery life is a mere 18 hours at max


Bottom line: Apple Watch Series 5 is one of the best watches for the iPhone and an adorable elite-class gadget that shall suffice the texting needs of Brand conscious pleasure seekers.


2. Samsung Galaxy Watch (Best Samsung Watch for Texting)

This bestseller from the manufacturer contains many features that justify its rank. It is one of the best android smart watches for texting. The 1.3-inch screen makes texting easy and smooth.

Samsung has always rejoiced its customers with the best screens in the Smartwatch and LED panel department. But unfortunately, things aren’t much different in the case of smartwatches.

Samsung Galaxy Watch provides an AMOLED screen with an Always-On display. In addition, the 360 * 360 resolution on the Watch makes it a choice as a smartwatch that can send text messages.

This perfect device allows you to instantly reply to your friends from the comfort of your wrist.

You can receive calls and texts on this watch. It is an epitome of a standalone smartwatch. Slide in a sim card and send texts using the 4G LTE capability of the Watch.

The Watch gives you the freedom of replying, tap the text icon to write, and send a short text. Feeling too lazy to type, just tap the voice icon and record a voice note which will automatically get converted into text. If feeling naughty, just send a cute emoji to your friend.

The device can survive under 5 ATM of water pressure and has Corning Gorilla Glass protection against scratches. Heart-rate monitoring and fitness tracker (that uses GPS) are accurate.

A unique feature of IoT lets you control household appliances via your smartwatch whereas the Samsung Pay facility does justice to the price tag.

Key features:

  • Always-on AMOLED screen
  • 1.3-inch screen
  • Instant replying
  • Health features
  • IP68 waterproofing


  • A large AMOLED screen
  • Texting back option
  • 3-way message reply
  • Samsung Pay


  • An expensive watch
  • Screen size could have been better

Bottom line: This Watch from Samsung is great for texting. Android fans should have this beautiful and smart piece of gadgetry.


3. Apple Watch Series 3: Best iOS Watch for Texting

The Apple Watch Series 3 is one of the best sellers of the manufacturers. Comparatively affordable Smartwatch you can text from.

This older member of the Apple family delivers a 1.31” (38mm) and a 1.52”(42mm) screen size. The screen size specifications offer a great texting experience. The larger 1.52” screen is sufficient for the big hands to carry out fun activities. Texting is one of them.

Display quality is above par. The retina display with a resolution of 272 * 340 pixels ensures smooth messaging.

The tech giant has always delivered extensive options of action. For example, the Apple Watch 3 allows you to reply to text messages in 4 different ways.

You can use the magic of your voice to record a voice note which the Watch intelligently converts into text, or you can utilize the power of emojis and GIFs.

You can send preinstalled instant brief replies while being busy, such as “Call you soon.” The scribble option is a cool one. It is fun and function at the same time. Draw a shape and tada! The Watch recognizes the alphabets and converts them into text.

A swim-proof design ensures you can receive urgent texts inside the pool.

GPS on the Watch works with the workout recorder app to provide accurate and precise results. Whereas, Optical heart sensors are approved to provide accurate heart data.

Key features:

  • A good-sized Retina display
  • 4-way reply option
  • Swim-proof
  • Scribble feature
  • Fitness tracking and Health monitoring


  • Scribble feature
  • 1.31” and 1.52” screen sizes
  • Swim-proof design
  • Good health tracking
  • Price tag better than watch series 5


  • No AMOLED screen is present
  • Battery life is 18 hours at max

Bottom line: A comparatively affordable Apple product that gives a good texting experience. Ideal for the Apple fanboys who love texting.


4. Samsung Gear Sport: Best Android Watch For Texting

The Gear Sport has its claws deep in the prey of success. This smartwatch shows wonders for the general user and has exceptional texting capabilities.

It comes with a relatively smaller but decent screen size. The 1.2-inch screen size will not hinder your texting activities.

Screen quality is excellent with a 360 * 360 resolution. In addition, Samsung delivers a crispy AMOLED screen to the users to maximize user experience.

The device is pristine in texting capabilities. You shall be relieved when you know of the services provided.

So, the Watch offers three ways to reply to a text message. The same feature justifies its position in the list of best watches for texting.

When you receive a message from a friend, you can interact via a voice control command. Thanks to the built-in microphone, you just speak out the message, and the Watch translates the words into text.

Another method of replying is the “Smart Suggestion” feature. This feature gives you an option of different pre-saved messages that may suit the situation.

And finally, you can use the keypad available on the smartwatch to type your reply. All the features are availed by toggling the dial of the Watch.

Samsung gear sport is mainly a sports watch. The design lines with the requirements of a sporty one. So waterproofing saves your smartwatch against the atrocities of water.

The fitness tracking app tracks calories and steps while the health monitor records heart-rate data.

Smart control of compatible devices via Samsung Connect is an uncanny feature. In addition, Samsung Pay allows for mobile payment.

Key features:

  • 3-way message reply
  • 1.2” AMOLED screen
  • Waterproof to 50m/5 ATM
  • Active fitness and health tracking
  • Samsung Pay


  • 3-way message reply
  • AMOLED screen
  • Waterproof design
  • Samsung Pay


  • Expensive Watch
  • Bigger screen size would have been better

Bottom line: The Samsung Gear Sport is an ideal android watch for texting. Grab it asap.


5. Garmin Vivoactive 3: Best Health Monitoring Watch That Allows Texting

The Garmin Vivoactive watch lends a hand to the sportspersons in texting while keeping up with their strenuous workout routine.

This member of the Garmin family comes with a 1.2-inch screen that sits nicely on the wrist. Well-sighted people shall have no issues in reading and typing on the screen.

We have an IPS LCD in the very Watch. A resolution of 240 * 240 is sufficient to read the received and the sent messages. Notifications received are displayed nicely on the screen.

This Watch doesn’t offer many gimmicky features; rather, the manufacturers mean business. For example, you can receive messages and instantly reply to queries by typing on the keypad in this gadget. You can write long messages, but it is recommended to type short messages.

This smartwatch has many feathers in its hat when it comes to fitness tracking. The 15+ sports modes (including yoga, running, swimming, etc.) speak volumes of the capabilities of this Watch. Incorporated GPS assures sound outdoor data recording.

The advanced health monitoring feature is present in the shape of an Oxygen Saturation measurer. The VO2 measurer, paired with the Heart-rate variability tracker, makes it an ideal choice for the health-conscious.

Garmin Pay frees you of the burden of carrying a wallet.

Key features:

  • 1.2-inch screen
  • Text reply option
  • 15+ preloaded sports modes
  • Garmin Pay


  • Allows text replies
  • Water-proofing and corning Gorilla glass protection
  • Best health monitoring with VO2 measure
  • Top-notch fitness modes (15+)
  • Garmin Pay service is good


  • The screen size is small
  • No AMOLED display

Bottom line: If you are looking for a combination of a good sports watch that allows proper text replies, then you have landed at the right Watch, my friend.


6. Fossil Gen 5: Men’s Stylish Texting Watch

This product from the Fossil brand is amongst the top devices for all the right reasons. This stylish ornament delivers a power-pinch of features and functionality. It’s a masculine smartwatch with a stainless-steel band that suits the male wrists.

The Fossil watch comes with a 1.28” screen size. This may not be the best of the sizes for texting purposes, but the build quality ensures easy texting.

Screen quality obtains all the marks because the resolution provided is better than most competitors.

A higher pixel count means a clearer display. A whopping 416*416 resolution means a clear display of the incoming texts and the outgoing ones.

The Watch offers 2 different options to reply.

Ease is guaranteed in replying to your family and friends. You just have to command the Watch through voice command, and the Watch will do the rest.

Your friend keeps on sending you text messages at night. Just mumble the replies and go back to sleep.

Another option of pre-written messages is also available. Just select from the options of pre-saved message lines and send them to your friends.

The quick Snapdragon Wear 3100 processor allows quick functionality, making it a very responsive watch.

Google OS is a tamed operating system that runs smoothly and efficiently. In addition, Google Assistant responds to your commands well.

Google Fit app is an accurate activity tracker that employs GPS for distance tracking. Heart-rate monitoring is also precise and Swim-proofing till 3 ATM is a beneficial feature for swimmers.

Key features:

  • 1.28” screen size
  • 416 * 416 resolution
  • Heart rate and activity tracking
  • Quick processor


  • High resolution
  • Reply option
  • Swim-proof design
  • Google Assistant


  • Lacks the ability to type a custom message

Bottom line: The Fossil watch is a men’s choice for a texting device. It carries an excellent macho design with top-notch functionality.


7. TicWatch Pro 4G/LTE: Best Smartwatch For Calls and Texts

Mobvoi has ensured an out-of-the-world experience for users with this great smartwatch that can call and text.

The 1.39-inch display of the Ticwatch Pro 4G LTE shall pose no problem in a smooth texting experience. Moreover, the big round dial of the smartwatch allows easy access to the buttons and the keypad for typing.

This Watch is a shining example of a premium screen watch. A unique battery-saving design is seen here by incorporating an OLED screen atop an LCD panel. As a result, the resolution is excellent, and the viewing angles are perfect for all the tasks, let alone texting.

This screen beast comprises features that will find an abode in your heart. The Watch allows instant texts and calls to be made from the Watch. The utilization of the screens is handy in terms of texting.

The Watch feels light on the hand, so the pressure of the fingers while typing will be negligible.

The Google OS allows replying via voice commands and short pre-saved messages. Google’s messaging app hangouts can also be downloaded for a better messaging experience.

This Watch is the AQUAMAN of the watches designed for an underwater world. Of the many great features it sustains, military standard durability and waterproofing are notable ones. The waterproofing also gets an IP68 rating.

As the title indicates, it promotes a swimming routine and tracks swimming data exceptionally well.

Six smart sports modes are also available to keep up with your running, walking and jogging, etc., routines. A built-in GPS tracks down the location well.

A 24-hour heart-rate scanner keeps heart issues at bay. Any abnormal variation in the heart is instantly noted. Sleep tracking gives you data on your stress levels.

It is one of those watches that relieves you of the hassle of carrying a wallet via the Google Pay services.

Key features:

  • Dual-layered Screen
  • Large-sized screen
  • Military standard durability
  • Fitness tracking


  • 1.39” screen
  • Dual-layered screen
  • Water-proofing and standard military durability
  • Good battery
  • Fitness and health tracker are accurate


  • The screen size could have been bigger

Bottom line: If you like to spend time in water and care to buy a watch that bears water while allowing you to send text messages, then this is what you seek.


8. Fitbit Versa 2: Best Fitness Tracker Watch That Allows Texting

Fitbit is a brand that needs no introduction in the smartwatch world. On the contrary, this piece of machine is among the best sellers from the company. We shall know why.

Fitbit boasts a square-shaped dial with a 1.34” screen size. This screen size shall suffice the needs of most texting addicts. Just a little smaller than the Apple Watch 3, this Watch mimics the design of the apple watch series.

OLED screens are bright and crispy. The OLED panel in this same device is no exception to the claim. The resolution of 300 * 300 pixels may seem a little low, but the OLED panel paired with this resolution is pleasing to the eye and bright at the same time.

The Watch offers 2 ways by which you can reply to the received texts. Firstly, you can use the voice replies option. In this feature, you just have to narrate your message, and the Watch will convert the commands and send them in text form.

This is a handy feature for those habitual of using a voice assistant.

The Watch doesn’t just stop here. You can also reply by sending quick replies always saved on the device. This feature is crucial when busy.

Fitness freaks shall love the numerous fitness modes and Fitbit premium goal setter. Fitness tracking is unlike any other competitor. In addition, access to the Spotify app allows controlling music from the comfort of your wrist while you burn some muscle.

A continuous heart-rate tracker is a solid selling point of the Watch.

Voice assistant, i.e., Amazon Alexa, will be your partner in loneliness. Fitbit Pay app seals the deal.

Key features:

  • 1.34” OLED Always-On display
  • 2-ways message reply
  • A fitness tracker with a goal achiever app
  • Continuous heart-rate tracker
  • Amazon Alexa
  • Fitbit Pay app


  • Bright OLED display
  • 2 ways to reply to messages
  • Amazon Alexa is an accurate assistant
  • Fitness regime best for weight-losers
  • Fitbit Pay app is good


  • Screen size is comparatively smaller

Bottom line: The Fitbit Versa 2 is a good option for fitness goal achievers who are not texting frequently.


9. Padgene: Cheap Texting Bluetooth Smartwatch

The Smartwatch from Padgene is an absolute Budget King. It provides an out of the world stylish design with great functionalities.

The DZ09 deserves all the praise when it comes to the size of the screen. The watch boasts a good 1.54’ screen that shall pose no problem in the viewing experience.

The ergonomic and comfortable band compliments the attractiveness of the screen.

An astonishing aspect of the watch is the availability of an OLED screen in such a small price tag. The OLED screen offers a 240 * 240 pixels resolution to please the eyes. The screen size paired with the superior quality makes texting as smooth as it can get.

This economical smartwatch performs superbly in the department. The gadget is a multi-function watch. It can work by pairing with your smartphone or used as a Standalone watch.

You are tired of constantly taking the phone out of your pocket or don’t want to break the” NO PHONES” rule of your friends’ get-together, this watch shall be your savior. All you have to do is just glance at the beautiful screen to update the notifications. You can quickly type the answer to reply, thanks to the efficient keypad.

When owning a DZ09, possibilities don’t just seem to end. This prodigious device also offers to be used individually. Slide a GSM sim into the watch and text your heart out without depending on a phone. Receiving calls, texts, and social media notifications is smooth and accurate.

DZ09 tracks sports day well. It can record your number of steps, distance, and calories burnt. Sleep quality is also measured, thanks to the sleep monitoring capability of the watch.

The watch is resistant to water. So, a stroll in the rain is not going to be an issue.

WhatsApp, Facebook, and Twitter notifications are very well received on the watch.

An SD card can be inserted, allowing you to store images and soundtracks within the smartwatch. Thus, this is an actual standalone watch in the true sense.

The smartwatch also comes with a long-lasting battery that shall stay alive for more than a week on standby.

Key Features:

  • Large OLED display
  • Ergonomic and comfortable band
  • Water-resistant
  • Fitness tracking
  • Standalone watch
  • Option to reply to texts


  • 1.54” OLED screen
  • Waterproof
  • Standalone watch
  • Text replies and messages
  • Pedometer
  • Very economical watch


  • Lacks a heart rate tracker
  • Lacks mobile payment option

Bottom line: The Padgene watch is a very economical multi-functional watch that provides almost all features under one roof—a must-have for those who seek functionality at a small price tag.


Conclusion: Smartwatches For Sending & Receiving Text

Samsung Gear Sport and the Apple Watch Series 3 are great competitors. However, Samsung’s beast piles up great against the giant from Apple. After a very tough competition, Apple Watch Series 3 wins the round. The Watch is a little overpriced, but we must give it to the numerous reply options and the scribble feature. Though the Apple watch series 5 comes with an upgraded version and has all the right things under the hood, the high pricing just doesn’t justify its top position.


Frequently Asked Questions

How To Choose the Best Smartwatch For Texting?

Searching and purchasing become easy if you know what you are looking for.

Size of the screen: The size of the screen is of pivotal importance when selecting an ideal smartwatch for texting. A large screen accommodates your fingertip’s width better and you can also read the messages quite easily.

Quality of the screen: The better quality of the screen enhances the texting experience.

Texting capability: It is necessary to look for a watch that allows texting. This fact is critical because most watches allow reading of texts only. Check that the Watch selected provides the option of text replies from the Watch.

Additional goodies: Additional features never hurt anyone. Features should justify the price tag.


Are all watches compatible with android and iOS?

The Apple watch series connect only to iPhones, while the rest of the watches are compatible with both platforms.


What is a standalone smartwatch?

A standalone smartwatch uses a sim card and is not reliant on a phone to work. With such watches, you can send texts, make calls and carry out other functions without having a phone nearby.

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