Is a smartwatch worthwhile for children?

Sooner or later, legal guardians are faced with the question of whether it is time to give the child a cell phone. In many cases, the transition from elementary school to high school is crucial to this entertainment. However, most parents feel uncomfortable giving a smartphone to a 10-year-old child. A smartwatch seems like a good compromise. But is it really … Read more

Smartwatch – The New Smartphone?

History repeats itself with every new gadget that comes onto the market: What does a smartwatch have that my smartphone doesn’t have? As with smartphones and tablets, success depends on the use – i.e. also the apps and features used. We all know and already enjoy the benefits of a smartphone in our daily routine. … Read more

Pebble Alternatives – You have these options

Since Pebble was bought by Fitbit and support was discontinued on June 30, 2018, all owners of Pebble Time will have to resort to an alternative. It is no longer possible to use the App Store, and many functions of the Smartwatch can no longer be used. These alternatives to Pebble exist The Ticwatch Pro is a smartwatch … Read more

Review of the Pebble Time Smartwatch: Salient Features, Pros and Cons

Pebble Time Smartwatch is Pebble’s second-generation smartwatch, following Pebble’s original Pebble watch. Did you know? Pebble announced that it would release its first color e-paper smartwatch via Kickstarter funding starting on 27 February 2015; this was completed successfully within 17 minutes into the campaign, selling over 31 thousand watches available during this round of sales … Read more

Pebble Smartwatch Review

Smartwatches are the new hottest trend in today’s tech world, and the Pebble E-Ink watch helped start the fire. The most successful Kickstarter project to date, the Pebble, raised over $ 10 million during its month-long campaign that ended in May 2012. It had nearly 70,000 backers and more than those from non-Kickstarter pre-orders you’ll see a … Read more