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SmartWatch Crowdfunding Taking on the Big Boys

SmartWatch Crowdfunding taking on the Big Boys

Investing is increasingly becoming a way of life for many people who like to benefit in the use of the products or places that they invest in. A good example from long ago would be timeshare holiday investments where investors would invest their hard earned cash into income producing real estate often in exotic tourist locations where they would also be allocated a number of days free use annually.

Rather than having no relationship with ones investments this way people achieve an intimate and rewarding experience with money invested thereby giving the extra satisfaction that it is not only an investment the fruits of which are to be realised many years down the line but the unique experience that can be enjoyed without extra cost on a regular basis.

Nowadays especially in the hi-tech industry potential new players can put together a great design and functionality with which they anticipate through rigorous research users to appreciate. This way the underdog has always a chance to come up with great ideas and revolutionary ground breaking technology and to play on a level playing field with the big boys. Many people like rooting for the underdog, helping out a local homegrown genius fight the national and international corporate machine is quite a challenge. Something like the battle of David versus Goliath. Here we will list interesting past present and upcoming crowdfunded projects that will hopefully help to improve the smartwatch community.

The current problem is that most smartwatches including Apple will last only about a day on a full charge. This a ridiculous state of affairs especially as a normal analogue watch with full functionality will last many months if not years on a single battery. Even smartphones are now getting longer life batteries lasting for a few days. The race is on for manufacturers to come up with ways to make the smartwatch charge last much longer. The Pebble smartwatch managed to solve this problem in the very beginning with their low power e-ink display which allowed the watch to last for a whole week!

Geek Watch II

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Amazingly the Geak Watch II made by Shanda, a Shanghai based manufacturer is purported to be able to last a whole week before requiring a re-charge. Ingeniously they have used a combination of various hardware configurations to switch from high power to lower usage. This is done by having a high definition LCD colour display using a standby mode when not in use working in conjunction with a low power e-ink continous display.

Although the device is powered by the Android OS it has cross browser support for both iOS and Android handsets. The dual display technology is so clever and functional that it may well get taken up by the industry as it is inexpensive and a brilliant idea as well. The great thing about this dual-display technology is that while the high definition LCD screen is in standby mode the low power e-ink display can be left on to continually display essential features like the time and date etc. When the advanced Android smartphone technology is required it can be easily activated with the press of a button. A super energy efficient solution giving the end product 7 days charge or up to 15 days on standby for around $340 for the basic plastic version and around $100 extra for the metal pro version.

If you’d like to know more about the Geak Watch II or you’d like to pledge your support head on over to the Pozible crowdfunding page.

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